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Ruby has been with us since the very begining on Moss Road, when as a 15 year old she came to wash pots with us.  She very quickly prooved her ability to be an all round superstar in the kitchen and progressed to cooking alongside us.  She has been in the kitchen with us at every pop up we've done. Now is the time for her to make the move to London to work in an amazing Cafe called Milk. We're going to miss her like crazy but thrilled to see her next move on her journey. Thankfully she's leaving us with her secret recipe for the best marmalade, ever.  


 Made using Organic Spanish Navel Oranges, Earl Grey Tea and a hint of Cinnamon. Created for us by Ruby before she leaves for the big City. 


Contains: Orange, Lemon Juice, Water, Sugar,  Earl Grey Tea, Cinnamon

Ruby Ward-Higgins' Orange, Earl Grey and Cinnamon Marmalade

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