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Stretford Canteen

To trace the history of Stretford Canteen, first you'll need to travel back to Manchester, the swinging 60's and the opening of much loved Manc francophile institution, (the) Beaujolais.

The vision of Maureen & David Sandwith to bring all the best bits of Lyonnaise casual dining to the Manchester City centre. Starting on West Mosley Street, before taking up residence on Portland Street, ask any Mancunian of a certain age where the best place was to get Steak Au Poivre in the 70s / 80s / 90s and (the) Beaujolais will most probably be their answer.

Fast forward to the present day and Josephine Sandwith (daughter of Maureen & David) and husband Dean Taylor are new residents of Stretford. Bemoaning the lack of places to eat out locally, the pair create Stretford Canteen.


A childhood spent peeling carrots and pot washing for her parents left Josephine in no illusions as to the hard work and thankless hours involved in catering.


However, galvanised by the fantastic reaction to their idea of feeding Stretford as a pop up on local Facebook group Stretford M32, Jo & Dean opened at local greasy spoon, Pines Pantry, swapping the ketchup holders and laminated menus from the daytime for candles, tablecloths & decorative hydrangeas.


On the 18th of June 2016, Stretford Canteen opened its doors for the first time.


Over the last 5 years Stretford Canteen has cemented itself as one of M32's most cherished mobile eateries. Combining a love of classic French cuisine, traditional British dishes and local produce they have done countless more pop ups as well as providing catering for local community events.


And now Josephine & Dean are extremely excited to announce their own venue, located on the front of Stretford Mall at 118 Chester Road. Opening their doors permanently is a real thrill for the couple and an opportunity to finally put down roots and feed Stretford for many years to come. 

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